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Beware of the Barnegat Bay Pirates

It's been a long time since the days of the Barnegat Bay pirates, but every now and then one seems to surface. Especially around Halloween!

As history tells it, New Jersey, divided in stance on the Revolutionary War, saw the rise of both Patriot Privateers and Loyalist Privateers raiding the shallow marshlands of the Barnegat Bay. These "pirates" were local businessmen that knew how to navigate in the shallow marshlands. They would set lighting on the shallows to attract ships to the shoals, then raid and plunder. Loot was often divided right in the shacks on the shore of LBI.

The only loot this little pirate wants to divide is her share of her Halloween booty. A few milk bones would be a welcomed treat.

Happy Halloween. Be safe, and don't let the pirates get your Hershey bars!